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UK SMS Campaign Manager, Broadcast SMS, SMS shortcodes, A2A SMS sends SMS to customers the information you want accurately by text in seconds.

A2A SMS Campaign Manager - Broadcast SMS

Quick and easy to use our SMS system allows you to send your customers the information you want accurately and in seconds.

You collect the customers mobile number and enter their details into your account.

When you want to send messages, choose the group, type the message and press send.

Campaign manager includes - SMS headed by your company name.
Training and help as required via the phone at standard phone rates or from your reseller.

Promotional and marketing advice to help you to use campaign manager as effectively as possible.  £199 + VAT includes 2000 messages.

A2A SMS Campaign Manager - Broadcast SMS 

A2A SMS Campaign Manager - Broadcast SMS 

A2A SMS Shortcode - Two way SMS

An SMS Short Code is a 5 digit number (e.g. 60777) like those used in Press, Television & Radio.
Due to their ease of use they are excellent for receiving texts,  generating leads and building opt-in lists from potential customers.

Free Short Codes charge the customer either their Standard Network Rate (which could be free if they have free texts) they can receive a return text which is free to them.

There are thousands of example uses for SMS texting.

Add a short code to your marketing literature and you instantly provide an additional channel for potential customers to respond to.

Build your opt in list of people that have chosen to receive SMS messages from you on their phones. 


A2A SMS Shortcode - Two way SMS

A2A SMS Shortcode - Two way SMS

Technical support: Mon - Fri 9.00 - 5.30 on 015395 64486


A2A Advertising Ltd Est 1991, publishes advertising directories both online and in print, designs and hosts affordable content management websites, provides SMS services and helps businesses with search engine optomisation. 

A2A SMS is our own text message database system that allows SMS broadcast of promotional text messages and has many business uses. A2A has many years experience in SMS broadcast and A2ASMS is a robust, online system that is easy to use and can allow any businesses to profit from text messaging.

To discuss how we can help you profit from text messaging call:  015395 64486

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