SMS Keyword - Two Way SMS

SMS Shortcodes

A2A SMS Short Code, is where the customer texts in a keyword to 60777 and receives a return message - or not. This system allows for further messages to be sent to the mobile. We provide keywords that are bought for a period of time. Please contact us to see if your prefered keyword is available.

An SMS Short Code is a 5 digit number (e.g. 60777) like those used in Press, Television & Radio.  Due to their ease of use they are excellent for receiving texts, generating leads and building opt-in lists from potential customers.

Our Short Codes are set up to charge the customer their Standard Network Rate (which could be free if they have free texts).

Example Uses
Lead Generation & Opt In Lists

Add a Short Code to your marketing literature and you instantly provide an additional channel for potential customers to respond to. Build your opt in list of people that have chosen to receive SMS messages from you on their phones..

We offer:

Quick set-up
A shared Short Code can be set-up within a few hours of receipt of payment.

Email Notifications
All incoming texts can be immediately forwarded to your email address/s.

All incoming texts are also stored in your Inbox which contains the mobile number, message and time and date of receipt. This can then be exported to Excel at the click of a button. The numbers collected can then be used to run future SMS campaigns

Contact Building
You can easily send messages to anyone who's texted you in, and they have an always-available opt-out path, complying with data protection laws.

Auto Reply
You can set-up an auto-reply message to immediately go back to anyone who texts in.

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